We provid quality Sound Reinforcement & Lighting for bands, festivals and speaking engagements!


We have provided sound for many musical acts including local bands all the way to national touring bands. Our goal is always for both the audience and musicians to enjoy the show! Communication is key to achieving our spectacular results over the years...

Key features of our Live Sound and Lighting Services are:

1. FOH - Mains - Bose F1 Sound (up to 4 tops and 4 subs may be used depending on venue)
2. Monitors -(up to 8 simultaneously)
3. All Shure Microphones - KSM, Beta & SM Series
4. Wireless Mic Available (Shure QLXD Beta 58a)
5. Presonus RM Series Mixers - RM32AI and RM16AI
6. Live Recording Available (upon request)

7. All LED Par lighting - Looks Hot, But It's NOT!  

8. Spotlight Available
9. Haze Available

10. Moving Heads Available 

*About the Bose F1 Sound...

In a word WOW! Though the years we have used many pro brands and models of PA gear, but the sound the F1 Systems produce is on a whole new level! 


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